As a pioneer and visionary company in the production and sale of olive oil; It is our aim to be an exemplary organization not only in Turkey but also in the world with its quality targets, which is in compliance with legal provisions and legislation, customer satisfaction oriented, compatible with technology, providing continuous improvement and adopted by all its employees.

  • 300 tons/pd packaging capacity. 
  • Crushing within approx capacity of 220 tons/pd of olives yielding 45 tons/pdof olive oil.
  • Underground air-conditioned facilities of stainless steel, chromium nickel storage tans with the capacity of 8,400 tons.
  • Refinery plant with the capacity of 150 tons/pd physical or 100 tons/pd chemical refining. New refinery (fully SCADA automated): 200 tons/pd
  • Total: 300-350 tons/pd
  • Commercial Quality, Audit and Compliance Certificate obtained by Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade. 7/24 detecting incoming / outgoing oil.