The natural liquid olive oil acid ratio is the lowest and the highest quality olive oil


Heart-friendly, excellent antioxidant supply


The indispensable food with its flavor

Verde Olive Oil and Refinery Inc.

today is not only one of the major olive oil producers but also one of the leading players in the food industry with certifications from internationally accepted institutions. Verde trademark represents a product with a rich history of its own as an established brand in Italy and also well-known in Turkey and through out the world.

Verde Inc. continues the tradition of producing fine quality Mediterranean. Paying full attention to continuous hygiene, quality and health, the company set the standarts to the highest level for its local and international customers.

As the first corporation to place olive-oil in glass bottle in Turkey, Verde is a trademark has been constantly in the quest of innovative distinction such as offering early harvest extra virgin olive oil for the very first time to the consumers.

We keep the honor of being the first Turkish Olive Oil producer to export our own olive oil to the USA; Middle East; EU and Far East markets under our own registered brands.